Learn to paint in a brand new way!

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Paint in a brand new way

The Online Course, structured on three levels, will take you through the various stages of realising a painting, from the mystery of inspiration, to the completed work of art.

Face to face with a true artist

WeArtFamily takes you inside the studio of a great Italian maestro who has decided to reveal all the secrets he has developed in over sixty-five years of constant artistry.

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It will stimulate them to rediscover their own creativity, or simply to enrich and enhance it, so that they can use it in whatever kind of context. 

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This is a course that's made-for-measure for you: you won't have to adapt yourself to anyone else's the learning rythym, you can manage your own time and progress as you see fit.

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Great course

Watching Ercole Pignatelli's videos and listening to his enthusiastic and encouraging comments I feel as though I've found all the technical and psychological support I need for taking on what is a difficult and daunting task. Thank you Maestro, really!


Entertaining and professional. Thanks!

What a great opportunity to learn about painting! I'm enjoying the course very much. Maestro Pignatelli shows you some really interesting tricks, straightforward things that you can enjoy trying to do yourself. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.


I loved this gift!

It was a really pleasurable experience, something that not only enabled me to re-discover a part of myself; now I draw every day with my children, making each moment of the day more precious.


It’s like having my own personal maestro alongside me!

It’s an original method, it’s creative and fun in order to learn how to paint step by step without any pressure and I’m able to re-watch the lessons as many times as I like! It’s like having my own personal maestro alongside me!



The maestro’s energy is contagious and the desire to get to work grows exponentially!

The Maestro Ercole Pignatelli’s online course has given me the chance to get involved in painting in a way that really suited me. Without having any set times to keep to, I’ve been completely free to choose when to do it and without any timetable to adhere to. Plus, it’s really encouraging to watch a man who is so full of talent and passion and overflowing with advice.  The maestro’s energy is contagious and the desire to get to work grows exponentially!



I strongly recommend it to everyone!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve liked painting. So I enrolled in an Art School where instead I ended up learning to hate both drawing and painting. Ercole has enabled me to re-discover that primaeval pleasure of freedom of expression, without thinking too much, finding again that desire to experiment that I had lost at school. I strongly recommend it to everyone!